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Cheryl managed the Peace river wildlife center in Punta Gorda Florida from 1990-2000. I was a volunteer for 5 years and then joined the staff as assistant manager from 1995- 2000 after promoting concerts and sporting events for the Police and Firefighters of South Florida for 5 years.


In 1982, Dr Jerry Gingerich was President of the local chapter of the Audubon Society. Because of his work with the Audobon Society and his interest in wildlife, injured and orphaned wildlife ended up at his veterinary office.

With instructions from Dr. Gingerich, Larry and Virginia Montaque started treating wildlife on the lanai of their home in 1982. They installed a telephone and an answering machine with Audubon listing in their home and began caring for injured and orphaned birds, mammals and reptiles.

They recruited volunteers to help with the care of wildlife and in eighteen months documented over 800 calls. With the increased need for more space and habitats for animals that could not be released, the operation was moved to an acre of land on Marion Avenue next door to Dr. Gingerich’s Veterinary office in 1984.

Bobcat after 8 months of rehab by Cheryl and I, 4 of them were released and featured in "Florida's Fabulous Mammals" by Jerry Lee Gingerich
Florida's Fabulous Mammals

Working on it

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